Anshu Jain: Our Core Designer

Anshu, being an established businessman in Automobile industry turned his passion of art into designing fabulous jewellery pieces. His hobby turned desire, lead to the foundation of export oriented in-house manufacturing unit. Initially, he was designing and manufacturing jewellery for other renowned designers and retail outlets globally. His creations were appreciated and loved for the out-of-the-box and bespoke designs.
Anshu carries anoutgoing personality. He is a people man and loves to interact with them while being a big enthusiast of innovation and creativity.

Vinit Verma:  Our Finance Caretaker

Vinit is a finance and marketing personal with an experience of more than 11 years. His also manages a well-established Auto and a corporate servicing company. He was highly impressed by the jewellery having inspirational designs with a contemporary twist. Without giving a second thought he jumped into the idea of joining Virgin Jewel.
Vinit always keep an optimistic approach and loves to think laterally about any idea.

Deepak Sihag:  Our IT Expert

Deepak is having experience of more than a decade in IT industry with a strong entrepreneurial streak. He was overwhelmed with the creative side of Anshu and his designs of jewellery and decided to join the Virgin Jewel venture with Anshu&Vinit and carry on this amazing journey.
Deepak is a tech savvy person and loves to get into new ideas and feedback. He is our pixel perfect person.

B.C. Jain:  Our Senior Advisor

It’s always good to have someone with a great experience from the field. B.C. Jain, is our senior advisor, who guides us with various industrial aspects. He leads us on how fashion works, what is the market demand and how to manage customer requirements and much more. It’s hard to pen-down his expertise. But he’s our knowledge library.
B.C. Jain, loves to share his life and work experiences and is ready to help you out in any manner.

Marisha Sharma:  Our Writing Mind

“Beautiful Writing isn’t about the words we use. It’s about the emotion we evoke.” That’s what explains Marisha’s writing expertise. Having a versatile career experience of almost 10 years, she has uncovered her creative side in her writings. It’s hard to resist any women to fall in love for classic jewellery pieces and yes, Marisha was no exception. She was so impressed with the jewellery line, that it was her immediate expression to write down about our jewellery and give our customers a valuable read-on.
Apart from writing, Marisha is fun-loving, energetic and always for you, kind of person.

Tikam Kumawat:  Our All-Rounder

There is always someone in the group who is all-rounder and TikamKumawat fits that belt perfectly. With a good professional experience, he is always there in need. Whether it’s about designing, any IT concerning issue or a manufacturing error, just call Tikam and you have the solution. He’s our last minute saviour and an important part of the team.
Tikam talks less, works more but never skips any chance to crack a joke to light up the moment.