Customized Jewelry

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Designed Just For You!

Custom jewelry has its charm. Starting from scratch, every design has its story. Either it’s a creation of new design or a requirement of modifications in the existing ones; we strive to offer you a perfect piece of jewelry that matches our customer’s tastes and preferences. The customization also brings personalization offering custom name, word, date, symbol, or any other making. 

Custom Jewelry by Virgin Jewel. Create the piece of your dreams.

With traditional handmade techniques, we are contributing to creating pieces that portray the beauty of artisan jewelry and has a charm that’ll last for generations. We are not creating only a jewelry piece; we are creating a story that will live for generations.

There's no need to settle for generic, mass market jewelry when it comes to unique jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and other important pieces. Our custom jeweler can bring your unique vision to life.

Virgin Jewel offers you for an original piece customized to meet your specifications. We create pieces in a wide array of styles and precious metals. Just convey the following three things, and we’ll design the jewelry for you!

  1. Choose the type of jewelry you want (earring, necklace, bracelet)
  2. Determine the “base” of that type, including material
  3. Decide what you want to have attached to the base

Whether you bring your idea to us or just want a piece of jewelry that's truly personal, we assist you to design something unique.