About Virgin Jewel

Where jewels express to each other in a melodious joy, where the creative mind and emotional heart come together to create designs with the best craftsmanship, that’s no other than

Marking its presence globally from Hongkong to Japan, Bangkok to Dubai, the US to across India, we make sure to deliver best design and products with the seal of purity at minimum cost direct from our in-house manufacturing unit and designers to your door, allowing you value for your money.

Initially, we started as a designing and manufacturing set-up working exclusively for designers and retailers worldwide according to their requirements. Our passion inspired us to explore and create contemporary jewellery designs with unique flair and bring them to the customers and appreciators worldwide. It has lead us toward our goal of setting an organization that’s honest and always strive to bring some reform in the traditional outlook of the jewellery designs.

Antiquity and Modern art bring the inspiration behind our jewellery pieces that contemporary in nature but traditional in every way. And without a doubt, in a short span of time these styles gained appreciation and popularity among designers, retail outlets & high-profile customers.

Virgin Jewel owns in-house designing and manufacturing facility, making our production process smooth and on time. Whether it’s a large retail jewellery outlets or niche buyer or it’s a custom-made design, rest assured that we will deliver your order on time, within your budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

We believe online retail business is better and a quick way to reach out customers globally and showcase our handcrafted and designer jewellery treasure.

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